“Celebrating Onam the IIMR style!”

Onam is not just about floral carpets, kasavu sarees and dhotis, it has a lot more to convey. It also reminds us of the legend of the Virtuous Demon King and the celebration to keep alive the spirit of the prosperous days of his reign”
Sleepless nights happen not only during exam days here at IIMR, but also during celebrations of all the festivals of our diverse nation. September 12 was one such day. We celebrated “Onam” – a vibrant festival of joy and prosperity. Though Onasadya and Pookalam just gave a glimpse of the celebrations that span over ten days in God’s own country, we relished each and every moment of this celebration.

Pookalam at IIMR
Lanterns were burning for the entire night preceding the feast in the kitchen and the boys were kept busy with the vegetables to get things ready for the grand appetizing feast “Onasadya”, while the girls were busy designing the floral carpet. Onasadya was truly a sumptuous lunch, reveled with all the unique flavors, the veg-puncher dish “aviyal” and everyone’s favorite-, the deliciously yummy “payasam”. It was really a pleasurable scene to watch our fellow batch mates relishing this delicious Onasadya, without sometimes even knowing the names of the dishes being served. The students were also awed by the elegant hospitality of the organizers who were dressed in their traditional attire and were serving the food with beautiful smiles upon their faces. Students seemed to forget that they had to return to their respective classes, so completely immersed were they in the magical atmosphere. And of course it was really quite something to see the faces of most of the boys admiring the girls who looked serene and ethereal in sarees. 
Relishing every bit of Onasadya

Engrossed in the busy schedules to keep up with the timelines and pondering over the fast approaching exams, festivals and celebrations like Onam keep the IIMR campus alive. They also impart that feeling of togetherness among all the students that make us feel proud of having been born in this culturally diverse nation. And the only thought that flits around in the corner in our minds is “Have to wait one whole year for the next Onam and King Mahabali !”.

Credits: Anusha Krishnan

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