Volunteers of Change

  You wake up and immediately check your smart phone. Generally, there will be three or four emails from your manager who has reviewed a version of the materials sent out by you the night before. After reading these emails, you respond (if appropriate), shower and head to work. You work like a dog until about 2 am for your foreign client, and then take a cab back home and sleep. On the weekends, when there is free time (which happens only once in a blue moon), you check out a new movie. If something about poverty is shown in the film, you appreciate it and at the same time curse your country for still being a developing nation and then go on adding days to your life by being hopelessly optimistic that it will become a developed nation some day. In all honesty, if motion pictures were an art form that involved the olfactory senses, films like Slumdog Millionaire would never win Oscars. The stench of that kind of poverty would not blend with the aroma of warm popcorn.  This is the kind of life most of the management graduates run behind for. But it is once again the time to prove that students of IIM Rohtak are an entirely different breed of managers.

  To understand how bad the situation our country is in, one need only look at the educational facilities we have. You see students studying in dire conditions, available resources not being put to their best use, real teaching never happening in the classrooms, and the innocent dreams of children getting crushed each day. And these are the same sort of things that will inspire you to put your foot down and say, “Enough is enough, I have to take a stand. These children deserve better; and I will provide it to them. ” Similar kinds of thoughts were running around in the minds of some of the students at IIM Rohtak. To put those thoughts to action, they came forward and took the initiative, ”Badte Kadam” with the support of Professor Venkatesh Murthy.

No one has ever become poor from Giving

 They identified kids in the age group of 3-16 years who are underprivileged and have no access to educational resources but possess a willingness to study and to learn. To do this, they went to Kabeer colony, a slum area in Rohtak. This area is concentrated of Ragpickers. They gathered around 50 kids who wanted to study and learn. They created education awareness among the parents around and convinced them to send their kids to study. Currently, they visit the colony every day at 5:30 pm and teach these kids for 1-2 hours. Health and hygiene awareness is also part of their agenda. On the very first day, they distributed writing boards and chalk to kids. Each day and each night, they work relentlessly to plan lessons and activities for these children. This noble initiative taken up by our students inspired many others in the surrounding areas and they came forward to provide their support.

                      “The true purpose of the education is to make minds, not careers.”

  There are many things like social consciousness, values, mindsets and sports, which are equally important as academics in shaping up beautiful minds. So as it is said that “Well begun is half done”, they have a larger aim of teaching these kids all these aspects of life.

  These under privileged kids also have their own dreams and aspirations in life like any other. Our aim is be to help these kids imbibe all the necessary education and mindsets so that they successfully accomplish their goals. Changing the country always needs volunteers, and it is our sincere hope that this beautiful effort by these volunteers from IIM Rohtak will inspire many others to step forward.

Credits : Rithvik (PGP05)

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