E-Nroute, The Entrepreneurial Workshop Series culminates with its 13th session on January 14

The E-Nroute workshop conducted by the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Rohtak drew to a close with its final session that took place on January 14. The workshop iscertification course on the aspects of setting up a new business ventureIt is a great learning opportunity for students of both the batches.
The lecture series were conducted by the stalwarts of the industry who have ‘Been there, done that’. The participants will be awarded with certificates at the end of the course. The course aims at giving the students a first hand, all round exposure on the financial, managerial and human resource perspective, challenges and risk mitigation in setting up a new venture.
Mr Rajesh Jain (MD and CEO, Lacoste India) and Mr Samir Kuckreja (Founder CEO, Tasanaya Hospitality)
The 11th session of E-Nroute, held on January 7 dealt with systems and controls in an organisation. The prominent guests included Mr Rajesh Jain (MD and CEO, Lacoste India), Mr Samir Kuckreja (Founder and CEO, Tasanaya Hospitality) and Mr Ashutosh Garg (Founder Chairman, Guardian Pharmacy). The objective of the session was to share areas where system weaknesses and failures could be avoided. It also included real world scenarios depicting IT infrastructure adoption mechanisms in organisations.
Mr Sanjeev Prasad (CIO, Genpact)
January 11 saw guests like Mr Sanjeev Prasad (Senior VP and CIO, Genpact) and Mr Ashutosh Garg engage the participants on the topic of scaling up, exits and failures from the organisational context.  The discussion revolved around the challenges of scaling up a start-up company’s operations to take it to a national level and the advantages that are to be gained by it. While franchising offers excellent opportunities to grow a business which has less capital of its own, entrepreneurs must consider the correct timing to go for franchising and the pitfalls that may be associated with it.

Mr Ajay Lal (MD, AIF Capital) interacting with the participants

The concluding session of E-Nroute touched upon exit and strategic sale of an entrepreneurial venture. It earnestly reminded the budding entrepreneurs that business can, and do fail at times. What is important is to take away what learning one can from it. The session ended with the case presentation from the participants regarding their entrepreneurial ideas. The workshop provided a unique platform for the participants to test their understanding and give them a starting point to take their entrepreneurial dreams forward.
Credits: Nishant Gupta (PGP05)

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