Cultural Night at IIMR: Battlefield of talents

Coming into IIM Rohtak, the view from outside for most students was quite intimidating, even slightly terrifying. Here we walk in, a merry bunch with our out of tune guitars and laid-back attitudes into a rigorous and strict corporate-styled framework. But we were unaware of the way we Kathors play after dealing with the exacting workload. Both batches, i.e. PGP05 and PGP06 are divided into 3 sections each and every year the respective sections of both years unite to battle it out in the War of Sections. On 3rd October, IIM Rohtak unveiled its true colours with the celebration of the Cultural Night as a part of War of Sections. This was only the first of the many campaigns to come which would reveal the final winner and be crowned the Champions of IIM Rohtak.
Section A, winner of the Singing Competition

The Cultural Night was an initiation to the fun side of the Kathor culture, with all elements of college fests, be it music, dance and fashion set up. The scale of the event truly matched the standards of a reputed inter-college event. The night began with the Singing competition. The sections came out with all guns blazing, with the best musicians of both years setting the stage on fire. The diversity in the styles adopted by the sections was spectacular, and there was a wonderful blend of contemporary and vintage songs played through the event. Section A began with an acoustic fusion of old and new Bollywood songs accompanied by a breathtaking instrumental combination of a flute, mouthorgan and acoustic guitars. Section B went full rock n roll with electric guitar and drums and has the crowd swaying with their avant-garde take on classic songs. Section C set in jovial yet serene mood in the hall with electric guitar and bass covers of several popular romantic songs. All three performances received massive appreciation from the audience.

Section B, during their dance performance 

With anticipation mounting with each passing performance, the Dance Competition followed. This was surely the biggest surprise of the evening, as the dance acts surpassed all expectations. Section A bought their hip-hop/ break dance style to the fore with aplomb. Their flow and technique had everyone transfixed. With such a hard act to follow, Section B pulled up their socks and delivered a traditional Bhangra performance and had the entire crowd on their feet. The choreography was immaculately done with the steps perfectly in sync with the Punjabi songs. Section C stepped up with an even more confident routine, their girls and guys dancing passionately to modern as well as evergreen songs. The hard work they had put in over the past weeks was evident in their performances. By the end of the performances, a chorus of “encore” broke out from among the audience.

Section C, winner of the Fashion Show
Organising the Fashion show was the most creatively stimulating event of the entire proceeding. The themes of the shows were deliberated upon for days and only then were the costumes and props decided. The theme for Section A was “What goes around, comes around”, wherein it was depicted how power changes hands, and how abuse of power by one gender will result in it itself being abused in the end. Section B went for the classic Bollywood theme, and all participants dressed up as popular characters from various eras of the movies. Pairings from Sholay, Ghulam and Hare Rama Hare Krishna made sure that the crowd was the noisiest and up on its feet during their performance. The theme for Section C’s show was “Seven Deadly Sins” and how the sins will bring about the end of humanity. The participants dressed and enacted as perpetrators of the sins and the final participant was dressed as Shiva, the destroyer, to signify the demise of the human race.

The night concluded with the judge announcing the results and performing a marvelous dance routine. Section C emerged as the overall winner of the Cultural Night. This was but a small battle, and even though one of the section came out on top of the others, the War of Sections still rages on vigorously. 

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