Questioning Evolution – Amit Pandey

What would you choose to be?

An affluent businessman who spends day and night in office, working to crack the next deal which he believes would change his life?


A bird that could fly anywhere, eat whatever it gets; it can fly away with no worries or commitments.

If you’re still sticking with the first one – Read that second sentence again and think of the places it might take you.

A lot of people I know, people like me would always go for the bird. For a life where they are free in the true sense of the world. And yet, these meanderings and mazes successfully trap them in the pursuits of dreams, happiness or maybe the love of their life.

But the question is – If most of us choose to be the bird, how do we claim ourselves to be the most evolved species? Yes, I agree we’re the most complex animal that has ever existed on this planet. But who wants complex? Why would anyone move from simple to complex? Isn’t simple the best in most cases? What if we’re rather at the bottom of evolution?

What? From a simple choice, to the question of evolution – that escalated rather quickly.

Let me make it clear, I am not questioning the theory of evolution rather our understanding of it. Like how we had assumed ourselves to be the center of universe and it took the likes of Copernicus and Kepler to disprove it.

In fact, let’s take a step further and think of whole thing upside down. Consider for a moment. birds to be the most evolved species. First and foremost question would be, Why would they let us dominate?

Short answer : None are more hopelessly enslaved than the ones who believe that they’re free.

Complete answer: Most of us would hardly get to see any place other than the society they were born in. We have checks in place, in case anyone tries to violate the line. We are enslaved by our desires, ours and of the ones around us. We are free, yet grounded.

Maybe, The worst part of being at the bottom of evolution could be the fact that we don’t even realize it. We think we own everything around us. The earth, the air, the flora and fauna are all there to cater to our needs and yet, we only spend a fraction of life to enjoy them.

If we really were at ‘the top’, would we be so imperfect? Because they say, evolution gradually removes imperfection. Our brains have the ability to perform at least 50 independent tasks at a time, and the complexity has grown to the levels that it’s hard to keep track of any of them. We hop from one memory lane to another, once in a while ending up in the dark alley, searching for meanings behind our existence-a task almost futile.

In situations like these, not searching answers is the right answer. Remember the last time you did something that wasn’t part of your plans or desires?

Let me give you a hint: Remembering it is not the right thing to do.


About the Author: Amit Pandey, a PGP 07 student, is a member of the Industry Relations and Interaction Cell, IIM Rohtak. Besides his philosophical musings, he writes frequently on MBA, students life and life in general.

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