A Year Well Spent In An IIM – Ayush Mamgain, Class of 2018


They say IIM life is all about the rigour. You spend hours, sometimes even days, without taking a break. You attend lectures, prepare case studies, presentations, appear for quizzes and class tests, get your resume updated, and work hard for the placements. To free spirited people, this is indeed a very grim picture of life in an IIM. Isn’t it? My days at an IIM couldn’t have been more different. Read on to know the person I was this time around last year, and the one I have become in this short time span.


From The Boy Who Used To (Only) Study

I come from a lower-middle class family. In my world, studying hard was the only way to redemption; salvation from the very class to which I belong. Parents did everything they could to provide good education; they wanted me to do well in my life. I obliged, I learnt everything that I was taught at school. Fortunately, I had been blessed with some intelligence too. They had high expectations from me. Set out to gain wealth through knowledge, I discovered that I was good at sports. Be it Taekwondo, Table-Tennis, Cricket or Football, I enjoyed playing them all. Football became my love to an extent that I was once selected for the National championship and I used to dream of playing for Real Madrid one day. However, before my dreams could take flight, the old Indian cliché padhoge likhoge to banoge nawab, kheloge koodoge to banoge kharab came to the fore. I did not go for the championship. I convinced myself that in studies alone lay my future. The playing hours dwindled soon, academics took the centre stage. Then there was the realization that I have actually got a decent voice. I started recording songs surreptitiously. However, very soon my mother caught me. All I received were praises. But being a very shy person, I never sang them a song.

Basically I was a person who didn’t grab chances; some owing to my own faults while others to the circumstances that I was in. All this changed last June.


 To The One He Became In the Last 10 Months

A person, in his 21 years of existence, knew nothing except books. How does a mere admission in an institution change him for good? The reason is AUTONOMY. Finally, I was free to take my own decisions. The atmosphere here is so competitive that it compels you to make choices that would fetch you your own moment of glory. So, here goes the list of things that I did after coming here.

1) Cricket

It’s not like the cricket you play, but more like the game you watch. Yes, the IPL. Here, the tournament goes by the name of The Everest Premier League (EPL).  Here you may become the owner and bid for players in an auction (again, IPL style) or you may choose to play in the tournament (provided there is a demand for your cricketing skills). The teams are formed and matches are scheduled. You play till you win the championship, THE EPL TROPHY. The winning teams also get the money pooled in the auction.

This is me. Prisma filter comes to rescue here, makes the image less torturing.


2) FOOTBALL: my first love

Again, the auctions, the squads, the owners and the players: all similar to the IPl. The difference here is the sport – Futsal. In futsal, the conclusion of the tournament comes with awarding the players titles like the best player, top scorer, best goalkeeper etc. It is also your window of opportunity to get into the college football team.

And yes, I did make it to the college football team and have been to MDI and IIM Lucknow to represent the college. We visit many other colleges for similar tournaments.


3) War of Sections

A year back, never had I imagined singing in front of a couple of people, not even my best of friends. However, here I didn’t hesitate for once.

Event: Cultural night, where three sections participate in singing, acting and dancing. Points are awarded and the best section wins the trophy.

Getting my hands on the trophy, backstage. We got whacked by the other section


I sang the opening song for my section, and then 3 more songs, all in front of 300+ people. That was too much for a boy like me. Enjoyed a lot and most importantly got good recognition and a lot more confidence.


A very small role, nevertheless, I was on stage in front of people.


There’s no photograph, I don’t dance. Or putting it another way, I am a really bad dancer.

4) Farewell

I don’t let go many opportunities now. I sang again, this time with a lot more confidence. My legs had been shaking the first time I sang in front of people.

To sum up, I’d thank IIM Rohtak for the culture that IIM Rohtak has developed over the years, that has made a person like me to be confident and taught me a hell lot of things. And these aren’t even all the activities. There are many activities that I didn’t participate in.



A glimpse of life at IIM Rohtak:

1) Summits, conclaves, Keynote speeches and your photograph during events like this one.


2) Dandiya Night

However bad a dancer you are, when you see people celebrating, you break the chains and indulge in the celebration.



3) Janmashtami

Janmashtami is celebrated the way it should be. The picture says it all

4) Innovative methods of teaching

You don’t just take out your notebooks to classrooms. The teaching involves role plays, outdoor activities to explore human behavior, case simulation, surveys, reports, interviews, besides the usual case study discussions and presentations.

5) A plethora of Events

From making a poster to contacting the guests, bringing in sponsors to conducting the whole event, you start it from the scratch and make it your own event. We have Film summit, CXO summit, HR summit, TEDx, College fest and guest lectures, all organized by the students themselves.

6) And lots of fun…

Pizza party, Pokemon go, Treasure Hunt, Eatopia. Everything happens here.

Thank You!


About the author: After almost 1000 words, written on himself, we believe he needs no further introduction. Thank you, Ayush Mamgain!

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