IIM Rohtak-  A river of opportunities and an ocean of experiences-Varsha Sharma, Class of 2019

How to be IIM ready, you might ask? Well, gear up! You will have to put your best foot forward, that is, you learn to be a Kathor. Let me clear your bewilderment, it’s not cited in any of the dictionaries, the word is “Rohtak”, spelt backwards, but let me give you a little insight of what being a Kathor actually means.

      Kathor is when you learn to identify, analyze, face and finally find a key to the challenges you face in your MBA life or rather, your material life. It is when you learn to respect your peers. It’s also when you are as much keen on learning from the people around as you are passionate to contribute your ideas and knowledge. It is when you know that the world is only but a big family, a global village. Kathor is when you are all tough and prepared from the outside but are equally compassionate and humane from the inside.

      Journey at IIM Rohtak will surely give you an experience similar to that of a roller coaster ride. During the induction programme of IIM Rohtak, the day commenced at 7o’clock in the morning and didn’t end until 4o’clock in the morning, with sleep being the most sought-after elixir. Even after the grueling day, exhaustion could not overpower the feeling of accomplishments and gratification we had when we retired to our beds every morning.

     Nothing here remains constant, things tend to change with a blink of an eye. Time is of essence here, you cannot afford to run with time, you always have to be ahead of it unless, you want to fall behind in all aspects of life. Fret not, for it only makes you understand the concept of deadlines better and also prepares you for your journey in the corporate world by teaching you the true meaning of work-life balance. I will share an anecdote from my very own experience, I am (had been) a very lazy person with a very low self-determination and self-worth, and if someone like me could survive the first few weeks and still be left with the same expanse of enthusiasm and positivity, trust me, anyone can. This institute has not only given me a platform to cabinet the best of my abilities but also gave me enough confidence to go beyond my own expectations, that is from being selected as the temporary CR based on the performance during the induction programme to being selected in the elite Public Relations Committee and being able to attend the guest lectures of distinguished personalities like Dr. Subramanian Swami, the Governor of Mizoram, Lt. General Nirbhay Sharma, Mr. Anjum Rajabali (screenwriter), among many others. This institute has a lot to offer in every sense possible. Each and every day, I am being pushed towards the point where I can see myself moving beyond the conventions and out of my comfort zone. One of the best part is that you get to live with your friends 24/7 for the next two years and along the way you make friends [whom] you will cherish for life.

All in all, there is fun, drama, studies and lot of other things that will surely make your two years a worthwhile journey. So yes, gear up and get ready, for it takes a lot of determination and courage to not let the pressure get to you.

Come, explore the plethora of experiences here, you never know when you will discover that hidden talent within yourself. Dive into the river of opportunities with all your gusto and discover the pearl of experiences right here at IIM Rohtak.

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Varsha Sharma is an adventure lover, a bibliophile, adores Marilyn Monroe, loves to explore and interact with people, anytime and anywhere. A very optimistic, extroverted and super friendly girl with a bag full of dreams, she fits everywhere, however, she prefers the company of mystical, sane humans 🙂

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