The First Quarter Of The MBA Life – Varsha Sharma, Class Of 2019, IIM Rohtak

“Today I don’t feel like doin’ anything…….”, Bruno Mars does his usual magic in the background while I try to let go of the precious sleep that is overpowering my will to attend the morning classes, I hit the snooze button only to be troubled by it again after five minutes, the morning alarm doesn’t sound so soothing anymore. With a lot of effort, I throw aside my warm blanket and bid my goodbyes to the dear dreamland, unsaid words promise my bed that I will be back soon, promises that are as hollow as the ones I make to my friends back home when I say that I will stay in touch.

It is quite difficult, though not impossible, to believe that I have been a part of this campus for almost three months now. Twelve weeks, and I can already write a book about my experiences so far, the flow has been much like that of a business cycle, with all the elements from recession to boom to depression again, and the cycle continues. Life is not the same anymore, the pace of learning has been similar to that of mid-term exams and end- term exams, one never realizes when they end, leaving behind a few scars and some bittersweet memories.

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is the first thing one learns here. Nothing seems unattainable after that, be it dancing in front of a crowd for the first time, delivering presentations, attending management summits, meeting distinguished personalities of the business industry, moreover, learning the importance of human relationships. Had it been about textbooks, we would still be stuck in between the changing patterns of the education boards in India. The feeling is much similar to high school days, meeting all kinds of people, doing things that upsurge the adrenaline rush.

Everything here is based on how we uphold our human contacts, even in the business world, since I am an MBA student, the need to recognise and develop a healthy relationship with mutual understanding and benefits, is one of the most important aspects that should always be taken care of in order to walk an extra mile. Ever since I have joined this institute, I have met people with assortment of colors, embedded within, it feels like a mini-business world here, there are tough drivers, highly focused competitors, sometimes with better quality product, free riders, with lots of brains to “jugaad” their way out of work, care-free, laid-back folks, and also, imprudent people, well, that’s the part and parcel of life, it throws all shades of colors at you, testing your patience at every step. There have been and always will be people who will try to pull you down, look down upon your abilities, but trust me, it only makes you stronger. The key is not to let these sneezy presences affect you in any way possible. While penning all this down, OneRepublic backs up my flow of emotions, “everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly….”


About the Author

Varsha Sharma is an adventure lover, a bibliophile, adores Marilyn Monroe, loves to explore and interact with people, anytime and anywhere. A very optimistic, extroverted and super friendly girl with a bag full of dreams, she fits everywhere, however, she prefers the company of mystical, sane humans.

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