Inclusive Growth comes to fore at IIM Rohtak Entrepreneurship Summit

IIM Rohtak organized the fourth edition of Udaan, annual entrepreneurship summit of the institute. The theme of the event was Entrepreneurship – The Engine of Inclusive Growth. Udaan brings entrepreneurs from diverse areas with an aim to stimulate the zest for start-ups among the students. It is a mega fair of opportunities, where ideas, innovations, and experiences are showcased.

Prof. S. Ramakrishna, Professor of Entrepreneurship, CEIBS, the keynote speaker at the summit said, “The developed countries such as USA, Europe, etc., went through a period of high growth, but the disproportionate distribution of economic growth resulted in Brexit in Europe and in increased nationalism in the USA which was witnessed in their presidential election”. “There is a now a recognition globally that growth is not sufficient until it uplifts all the sections of the society”, he added.

Talking about the problem of illiteracy in our country Prof. Velamuri said, “The definition of literacy in India is very low where just being able to read a newspaper headline and signing one’s name suffices to be qualified as a literate whereas in China one should be able to read 1500 characters.” When asked about self-sustaining business models, Prof Velamuri cited the example of the organization Akshay Patra which delivers 1.6 million noon meals to school children every day and the total 240 meals required in a year for 1 child costs only $40.

Nitin Jain, Co-founder, Head of Sales, OfBusiness, said, “Identify the difference between your hobby and passion and then pursue your passion with perseverance.” “Failures will teach you more than wins, I owe my success to all the failures I have faced in life”, he added. Ms. Anoushka Adya, Founder – Di-Mentions Studios said, “Don’t let gender become a hindrance to your progress. Do what you are passionate about, and the world would definitely respect you.”

Prof Dheeraj Sharma, Director IIM Rohtak said, “Entrepreneurship is a difficult path to tread and the path less traveled is less traveled for a reason. You have to burn your bridges to become an entrepreneur but in the end, it results in a deep-rooted sense of accomplishment which leads to a sense of meaningfulness in life.”

Udaan 4.0 was sponsored by SBI, Stirring Minds, Internshala, Inox, Urban Kushona, Peopleist India.

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