My first year experience at IIM Rohtak – Anmol Gupta, PGPM student 2017-19 batch

‘IIM’, that’s enough for the world, but it is the suffix of Rohtak to this title that I call my identity. Colloquially termed as Kathor, which is Rohtak spelled backwards, IIM Rohtak put me through the extremes in terms of academics, extracurricular and environment. However, this rigor is what has developed in me a lot of persistence, patience and a desire to be always better in terms of my skills and abilities.

My experience at IIM Rohtak is like a doorway to new learnings and has offered a horizon of opportunities. The string of versatility ranges from rigorous academic curriculum to live projects to corporate competitions to student committee activities- each has played a pivotal aid to shape my outlook, confidence and capabilities. I am the Editorial Head, a member of the IIM Rohtak-Mini Marathon team, and each of these have offered me a unique and exciting learning.

Also, IIM Rohtak believes in the freedom of students and from running the campus and student affairs, to developing oneself through academics, everything is student driven. An ardent example of this is S.T.O.R.E. which is the student run multipurpose retail outlet at the IIM Rohtak campus. It’s also the first student run on-campus retail initiative among all the new IIMs.

A great faculty base, coupled with corporate exposure and student-driven initiatives as well as a host of competitions, make IIM R stand out in its league. It imbibes in me a feeling that I have made significant contribution for myself as well as for my college. Every moment there is something exciting waiting for me in the campus and that’s why I love calling myself a Kathor


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