Institute to internship: The experience of Varsha Sharma- Class of 2017-19

Moving past the rush of New Delhi Metro, struggling to keep up my pace with the crowd, staggered, I think of the next few weeks that I will have to go through the same routine. Owing much to the IIM culture, I manage to survive the exhausting journey every day.


It has almost been four weeks since I joined the summer internship program, mandatory in all its senses. Experiencing the hot and cold of the corporate world under the scorching heat of April, life will never be the same again. Enlightening at the same time, the world of grown-ups is immensely different; the industry exposure has been an eye-opener, the cover remains dusted until the pages are turned open. As a fresher, the first few days were a mixture of all emotions; the only solace was an experienced batchmate sitting right next to me, soothing when the storms of nervousness wrecked my brain. Nevertheless, the learning just within the first few days has been beyond imagination; an opportunity to grasp how the corporate world functions have been remarkable, those words in the books seem as useful as a pen in the hands of an infant.


With the printer printing the pay-rolls every few seconds, I think of my Institute that seems like a long-lost home. Sipping hot coffee, scratching our heads over a 2:00 AM assignment, sharing a few laughs with our friends, sleepless nights and few of the things which were once dreaded, are all those that I miss dearly now. Ironically, the perception won’t remain the same after a few months, when the classes resume, owing to the fundamental human nature. The end of the first year has been both happy and sad, with countless memories, strange deadlines, piles of assignments and life-long friendships. The journey wasn’t a cake walk for sure; a battle was reigned, which presumes still.


While I board the metro to my office, my brain in a state of irrationality wanders into the oblivion. Thoughts like “What if I had wings, flying to office would be much easier,” or “when are we going to witness flying cars as a common sight, and what if I get too old by the time something like that happens,” the list is endless and bizarre. The marathon continues with the workload of assignments and projects to work upon. IIMs make sure that the level of training during internship remains similar. The hustle and bustle of corporate life had me startled initially; I was as lost as a child in the overcrowded fair. After almost a month, and a lot of exchange of smiles, the faces seem familiar now. From mutual acknowledgment to a little laugh over some joke, from brief conversations to stories about the weekends, from a helping hand when stuck in confusion to waiting eagerly for a cup of tea, from sharing lunch boxes to roasting a fellow employee, the internship experience has been all these things. The day sure does end with an exhausted body, but the satisfaction from the day’s adventures surpasses it all.


With only a month more to go, I can already see the drastic change of perception I had as an intern. While I close my last file for the day, I think of all those things that make life enjoyable and worth living, and I guess this experience is one of them.




About the Author :


Varsha Sharma is an adventure lover, a bibliophile, adores Marilyn Monroe, loves to explore and interact with people, anytime and anywhere. A very optimistic, extroverted and super friendly girl with a bag full of dreams, she fits everywhere, however, she prefers the company of mystical, sane humans.

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