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Asia’s topmost branded and largest wire and cable manufacturing company, Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd was started by the four Jaisinghani brothers – Girdhari, Inder, Ajay, and Ramesh. From a modest beginning in 1972, today it is a name to reckon with in the wires and cable industry, exporting to countries in Africa, the Middle East, Far East and also to other parts of the globe. In fact, it is the first and only company in India to have supplied material to the U.K. market under its own brand name.

The interview went as follows:

Interviewer: Sir, firstly thank you for taking out the time for this personal interaction. I would like to start by asking you about what drove you towards starting your own firm in cable wires?

Mr. Jaisinghani: I never wanted to work for money. I had to leave my graduation to work in my family business after my father’s health worsened. And since childhood, I knew I had to make it big in the business world. Slowly we built an Indian Enterprise and today, our organization is giving employment to more than 60,000 people.

Interviewer: What challenges did you face while bringing your company to the position where it is today? And how did you overcome them?

Mr. Jaisinghani: One thing which each of us has to realize is that challenges and hardships are part of the path to success. I never ran away from hardships or failures and always tried to learn from my mistakes. It was very difficult to enter the market as the most famous brands of that time had 20-30% higher prices. Hence, I took the help of distributor and roamed in every company in the industry. Today, after three decades and three generations of same practice, our prices are now higher than our competitors.

Interviewer:  How has your journey been so far?

Mr. Jaisinghani: During the bad tides in our industry, we as an organization, stayed resilient, worked on improving ourselves and our customer’s experience. Finally, when things turned around, we always were a much better and improved version of ourselves.

The reason why Polycab has emerged as a brand is the quality we produce. We are involved in increasing the overall quality of our products every single day. The direct connect and transparency in our organization from chairman to coworkers,  make us a team and give all of us an entrepreneurial drive. We are so involved in our products that we are eager to gain more insights into metallurgy, manufacturing and other ideas which can help make us better every day.

We are also taking up various initiatives like Green initiative for daily kitchens, utilizing anti-counter fitting for our wires and improving upon our distribution network.

Interviewer:  What advice would you like to give to the youth of our country?

Mr. Jaisinghani: If you love what you do, your journey will be amazing. I have had the best time of my life during 25-30 years of age, and that was from applying my heart and mind to my work. This made me live with humbleness and do hard work. Ups and downs came but this passion made me determined to go through it all.

Interviewer:  What does a company expect from budding managers?

Mr. Jaisinghani: Today, organizations want entrepreneurs, not leaders. An entrepreneur, a mindset can create disruption. Whenever you are given a responsibility, go beyond it and achieve more than what is expected from you and think from the perspective for the growth of everyone, the company, the customers, even the retailers, and suppliers. Only then, you will give apt solutions. Also, after working for some time in an organization, one should decide whether the organization and the job are what you are looking for or not.  Lastly, one has to realize that happiness may be based on the outer world like work, money, position, etc but satisfaction should be rooted from within oneself and from the fact that one is healthy and is living life.

It was a wonderful experience for the students of IIM Rohtak to know such an eminent personality like Mr. Inder Jaisinghani who has build himself brick by brick and successfully stands where he is.

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Is MBA necessary to be successful in business? http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/09/01/is-mba-necessary-to-be-successful-in-business/ http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/09/01/is-mba-necessary-to-be-successful-in-business/#respond Sat, 01 Sep 2018 02:09:01 +0000 http://iimrohtakjournal.in/?p=1520 More]]>

In this competitive environment of today’s world, everybody is striving to be at the top. So the ultimate question now is that, what is necessary to make one successful?

“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure” –                                                                                                                                                     Napoleon Hill

These days business and startups have grown exponentially as everyone wants to make a mark of their own. Therefore a lot of people prefer getting an MBA degree at some stage in their life. But is MBA a necessity for an individual who wants to be successful in the business world. Research and real-life personas have proven that it is not necessary to do an MBA in order to be successful in business, but an MBA does help in credibility, creating a network and pursuit of a lifelong learning.

Many top entrepreneurs from around the globe like Ritesh Agarwal, founder of OYO Rooms, have succeeded in their life because of their perseverance and dedication towards achieving their goal. Most experts say that education confines our thinking to a certain boundary. People who receive formal education on a particular sector tend not to think outside their box of what they have been taught. They take calculated steps and less risky chances while deciding anything related to their product or their business. But success isn’t the outcome of a good education always, it is, more importantly, an outcome of a good idea, which in some cases might have been an outcome of a good education. MBA is playing by a set of rules while a successful business has no rules. Let us take the example of Elon Musk, the most futuristic man and ultimate risk taker of the era who has visions which most people could hardly dream of. He is the founder, CEO, and lead designer of SpaceX, co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, Inc. and co-founder and CEO of Neuralink. In December 2016, he was ranked 21st on the Forbes list of The World’s Most Powerful People. As of February 2018, he has a net worth of $20.8 billion and is listed by Forbes as the 53rd-richest person in the world*. But very fewer people know that he dropped out of his Ph.D. just after two days to pursue an entrepreneurial career.

Even though most people would agree to the fact that an MBA is not required in order to establish oneself as a successful businessperson, there are some ways in which an MBA does help a person grow and learn more about the industry. A degree in MBA teaches an aspirant all the sides of business like finance, banking, human resource, tax and many other important skills that a prospective entrepreneur needs. A degree in MBA gives one an edge over others in not only the field that one is in but also in managerial as well as leadership skills. Also, most of the organizations prefer postgraduate professionals as employees working in their organization or while hiring a new employee.

Thus, a degree in MBA is definitely not a necessity for being successful in business but it does give one a view of the pitfalls of an approach resulting in low rates of failures which might not be the case with businessmen not having an MBA degree.

* – “The World’s Billionaires List”. Forbes. Retrieved February 18, 2018

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State of Freedom in India http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/08/15/state-of-freedom-in-india/ http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/08/15/state-of-freedom-in-india/#respond Wed, 15 Aug 2018 12:35:40 +0000 http://iimrohtakjournal.in/?p=1509 More]]> It has been seventy-one years since India gained independence from British rule.  At the strike of the midnight hour on 15th August, 1947, for the first time in centuries, and perhaps for the first time as a unified entity, India emerged as a nation having legislative sovereignty, free to choose her own fate, without any foreign forces factoring in on how her future will turn out. After centuries of subjugation, Indians were no longer treated as second-class citizens in their own country, free to exercise various freedoms, hitherto unknown, unexperienced by them, free from being discriminated against in their own homeland.

Considering the state of affairs under British occupation, the freedoms afforded at this very moment to all of us seem like no less than a blessing. We have almost all the basic freedoms -to express ourselves, freedom from discrimination on any basis, of thought, conscience and religion, of movement, and the right to debate are among the rights provided to us by the constitution. But still, there remain areas where India is not as progressive as other countries, and steps need to be taken to amend said situations. The fact that creative freedom is so limited in our country, that filmmakers need to be wary at all times of offending some group or the other, writers of fiction have to tiptoe around feelings, and that mainstream art, in general, is always kept from being provocative reflects poorly on the state of freedom in our country. The fact that people are straight up lynched for being suspected of consuming beef shows extreme intolerance and the tendency of shoving the majority’s beliefs down the society’s collective throat. Also, the continued validity of the archaic section 377 in the Indian Penal Code, that criminalizes sexual activities “against the order of nature”, including homosexual activities, is a terrible predicament for people with varied sexual orientations as well as for the image of the country.

While it is understandable that change is tough to swallow for large sections of our society, and that we need to be considerate towards the public’s sentiments, at the same time, the presence of aforementioned practices in our nation is unfair towards many of our own citizens. In conclusion, all the above-stated shortcomings among others, regarding the state of freedom in India, are issues of grave importance to the populace of our country and care needs to be taken to amend said flaws to make India a more tolerant and inclusive place to live in.

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‘Travelled Continents To Build Nations At United Nations’ – Rohit Garg, PGP08 http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/06/28/travelled-continents-to-build-nations-at-united-nations-rohit-garg-pgp08/ http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/06/28/travelled-continents-to-build-nations-at-united-nations-rohit-garg-pgp08/#respond Thu, 28 Jun 2018 08:59:05 +0000 http://iimrohtakjournal.in/?p=1490 More]]> After a rigorous one year of MBA and a sound selection process, I was one of the fortunate students from all across the globe to be a part of internship programme at United Nations headquarters, located in New York, United States of America. Being the only Indian to be selected for this internship at that point, it was a complete package of responsibility, pride, and joy.

I applied through their online portal and was contacted by the executive office after 1-2 months with online test and interview details. The test was more on the analytical and consulting front followed by a telephonic interview about the background, perspectives, and expectations.

18 hours of flight time and 3 hours of halt at Abu Dhabi landed me to a city that never sleeps (referred to as Gotham times). A middle-class boy, in States, was mesmerized by the lights around Times Square, skyscrapers, magnificent architecture, multi-million dollar cars and the overwhelming crowd.

On the first day of my internship, I was introduced to everyone on my floor and to my amazement, every other person was from a different country altogether. The floor-walk felt more like a walk around the globe to different nations.

At United Nations, my function was to utilize my experience of analytics to support peacekeeping operations by providing valuable insights to Department of Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support with their reimbursement decisions by verifying deductions against MOUs (signed by member states – Troop/police contributing countries).

The office environment was amicable; I was fortunate enough to be a part of a few celebrations and ‘Happy Hour’ events at UN. Interning at United Nations had its perks, we were allowed to be a part of almost all international meetings/conferences/events being conducted at around UN premises including Security council meetings. I was fortunate enough to be a part of some security council and general assembly (GA) meetings including the latest and hot topic of Gaza immigrants around Israel border and North Korea’s nuclear strategy. Sometimes, we were invited to special events organized at Permanent Missions – with boring meetings but free food and drinks 😀

Then there were ‘Thirsty Thursdays’. Interns groups from all around UN Secretariat, agencies and permanent missions gathered at Calico’s (a nearby bar) to grab a drink, socialise and test their networking skills with a lucky draw to choose a select few for free drinks.

I am not at all a morning person but morning runs on the street of NYC was not less than a delight and boost of freshness. A 12-min run from Times Square to Grand Central was always fun, with fresh air, parks, impressive crowd and of course the glamorous stores.

Overall, it was a fun and enriching experience with the enormous amount of exposure to other worlds and cultures, conversations with some fascinating people, challenging work, fantastic crowd and extraordinary events.

It wasn’t less than a delight to find myself at a 200-acre brand new facility of IIM Rohtak, secluded from all the hassles of campus-sharing. From here, I’m looking forward to more such experiences of travelling around the world and learning about various cultures and practices in business/public domain while trying to make my way to a managerial position after MBA.

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Institute to internship: The experience of Varsha Sharma- Class of 2017-19 http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/05/02/institute-to-internship-the-experience-of-varsha-sharma-class-of-2017-19/ http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/05/02/institute-to-internship-the-experience-of-varsha-sharma-class-of-2017-19/#respond Wed, 02 May 2018 07:20:08 +0000 http://iimrohtakjournal.in/?p=1482 More]]> Moving past the rush of New Delhi Metro, struggling to keep up my pace with the crowd, staggered, I think of the next few weeks that I will have to go through the same routine. Owing much to the IIM culture, I manage to survive the exhausting journey every day.


It has almost been four weeks since I joined the summer internship program, mandatory in all its senses. Experiencing the hot and cold of the corporate world under the scorching heat of April, life will never be the same again. Enlightening at the same time, the world of grown-ups is immensely different; the industry exposure has been an eye-opener, the cover remains dusted until the pages are turned open. As a fresher, the first few days were a mixture of all emotions; the only solace was an experienced batchmate sitting right next to me, soothing when the storms of nervousness wrecked my brain. Nevertheless, the learning just within the first few days has been beyond imagination; an opportunity to grasp how the corporate world functions have been remarkable, those words in the books seem as useful as a pen in the hands of an infant.


With the printer printing the pay-rolls every few seconds, I think of my Institute that seems like a long-lost home. Sipping hot coffee, scratching our heads over a 2:00 AM assignment, sharing a few laughs with our friends, sleepless nights and few of the things which were once dreaded, are all those that I miss dearly now. Ironically, the perception won’t remain the same after a few months, when the classes resume, owing to the fundamental human nature. The end of the first year has been both happy and sad, with countless memories, strange deadlines, piles of assignments and life-long friendships. The journey wasn’t a cake walk for sure; a battle was reigned, which presumes still.


While I board the metro to my office, my brain in a state of irrationality wanders into the oblivion. Thoughts like “What if I had wings, flying to office would be much easier,” or “when are we going to witness flying cars as a common sight, and what if I get too old by the time something like that happens,” the list is endless and bizarre. The marathon continues with the workload of assignments and projects to work upon. IIMs make sure that the level of training during internship remains similar. The hustle and bustle of corporate life had me startled initially; I was as lost as a child in the overcrowded fair. After almost a month, and a lot of exchange of smiles, the faces seem familiar now. From mutual acknowledgment to a little laugh over some joke, from brief conversations to stories about the weekends, from a helping hand when stuck in confusion to waiting eagerly for a cup of tea, from sharing lunch boxes to roasting a fellow employee, the internship experience has been all these things. The day sure does end with an exhausted body, but the satisfaction from the day’s adventures surpasses it all.


With only a month more to go, I can already see the drastic change of perception I had as an intern. While I close my last file for the day, I think of all those things that make life enjoyable and worth living, and I guess this experience is one of them.




About the Author :


Varsha Sharma is an adventure lover, a bibliophile, adores Marilyn Monroe, loves to explore and interact with people, anytime and anywhere. A very optimistic, extroverted and super friendly girl with a bag full of dreams, she fits everywhere, however, she prefers the company of mystical, sane humans.

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Yes, I’ve seen God! http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/04/24/yes-ive-seen-god/ http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/04/24/yes-ive-seen-god/#respond Tue, 24 Apr 2018 11:01:21 +0000 http://iimrohtakjournal.in/?p=1468 More]]> 24 years, 664 International matches, 34357 runs, 100 centuries and featuring in almost all the cricketing records – ladies and gentleman, these are all the statistical marks that the Master Blaster created within the 22 yards… But, as they say, it’s the experience that one needs to feel to truly gauge the supremacy of the God – and that’s what I call is ‘The Sachin Tendulkar Experience’!

The Sachin Tendulkar experience is not something which can be summed as a singular venting. Rather, it’s a collective reminiscence spread across various layers in the consciousness of all the cricket fans. The loud roar of “Sachin – Sachin” when he used to come to bat, the expert comments on the ease of his shots, the prayers for him in the nervous nineties, the “Boost” energy while starting our day and most importantly the strong hope to India’s win. This quintessential experience is what Sachin Tendulkar gave to us.

Today at his 45th birthday, I feel privileged to have witnessed the God striding between those 22 yards. Yes, I can boast to the upcoming generation about the iconic six against Shoaib Akhtar over the third man, about the first ODI double hundred, about his heavy bat obsession, about the praying of healing his tennis elbow, about the agony of hitting the 100th hundred, about his 200th Test match, and about the 2011 magical World Cup Win. I’ve seen it all. So much he gave to our generation that it all became lessons in values, focus, desire and determination.

Maybe, I’ll be able to narrate these lessons to the newer generations, but the special Sachin Tendulkar Experience – that would always be with me and can never be passed on. Cheers to the person whose retirement made me realise that I’ve grown up – Happy Birthday God! I bow to you!


About the Author :

A keen learner and a devoted being who believes that perfection can be achieved by prioritizing passion; a writer by heart, the best part about Anmol Gupta is that he can write anything and everything at any hour of the day. A people’s person, he’s the perfect one to go for in any situation. Apart from writing, he can be seen doing pencil sketching or just hanging around with his big bunch of friends.

A keen learner and a devoted being who believes that perfection can be achieved by prioritizing passion; a writer by heart, the best part about Anmol Gupta is that he can write anything and everything at any hour of the day. A people’s person, he’s the perfect one to go for in any situation. Apart from writing, he can be seen doing pencil sketching or just hanging around with his big bunch of friends.

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It’s raining wins at IIM Rohtak http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/04/24/its-raining-wins-at-iim-rohtak/ http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/04/24/its-raining-wins-at-iim-rohtak/#respond Tue, 24 Apr 2018 04:58:23 +0000 http://iimrohtakjournal.in/?p=1460 More]]> Studies, assignments, presentations, projects, placements and what not… These two years are like a complete rigour package for an MBA student. However, the true essence of MBA life, which many of us miss in this tenure lies in participating in the corporate as well as institute organised competitions.

The B-school and the corporate competitions provide a perfect platform for the upcoming managers to showcase their talent. Right from designing a complete marketing strategy for a new product launch to predicting the swing of the stock market, one thinks of the competitive skill and it’s being tested in the so-called “Biz – War – Ground”… And of course, the chronicles are rewarded in the best of ways. PPOs, PPIs, cash prizes, goodies and a tremendous learning opportunity – all are part of the contest guerdons.

In the past couple of years, IIM Rohtak has emerged as a vanquisher in this B – School competitive battlefield and has grabbed the eyeballs of the entire business fraternity. Here’s a list of the winners’ in recent times who have taken the flag of IIM Rohtak to new heights.

S. No. Competition Name Position
1 Amazon Ace Challenge Asia Finalist
2 Steel – a – Thon by Tata Steel National Finalist
3 Mindrovers by Tata Motors National Finalist
4 Out-think by L&T National Finalist
5 Motilal Oswal Think Equity Challenge National Runners – up
6 Analyse this quiz by American Express National Winner
7 EY Quiz National Finalist
8 RedSeer Libretto Challenge National Winner
9 Credit Research Challenge by AIWMI National Finalist
10 Reliance – Quiz – a – Thon National Runners-up
11 Renew Green Quiz National Finalist
12 Raxa Business Case Competition by GMR Infra National second runners up
13 The Ultimate Pitch by Reliance Zonal Finalist
14 IBBI Competition National Winner

The wins mentioned above along with many other laurels by the students have indeed raised the competitive bar at IIM Rohtak. Furthermore, three students secured 13th, 14th and 18th positions’ in the prestigious Dare2Compete Competitive Business Leaders of the Year Awards, 2018. The faith of industry stalwarts has therefore been continuously growing in our students and it was clearly demarcated by the 100% placement figures of IIM Rohtak for the 7th consecutive year.

The incessant hunger for wins is vouched to produce many more biz champions in future out of IIM Rohtak, and we wish all the best to the upcoming batch for the biz – battles to come… AND OF COURSE TO BE WON!

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This April Fool’s day, let’s see how we all lie in lies http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/04/01/this-april-fools-day-lets-see-how-we-all-lie-in-lies/ http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/04/01/this-april-fools-day-lets-see-how-we-all-lie-in-lies/#respond Sun, 01 Apr 2018 08:26:19 +0000 http://iimrohtakjournal.in/?p=1455 More]]> “To lie is to live”. This catchphrase I feel can be accepted as the slogan of our era. After all, we’ve been lying for centuries. The day I’m writing this article, gets celebrated for how well one lies to someone. So what has suddenly led us to create a huge outrage over a few new liars? Are we upset that they’ve exceeded the enormity of our expectations of lying? Whatever you may think, the ‘truth’ remains that we are ‘lying’ in the web of lies.

The lying buzz meter today is going crazy currently with Facebook. The most idealized person of our generation – “THE Mark Zuckerberg” is being loathed the most. However, why can’t we accept this fact that it is already too late! From the minuscule to the mightiest of the information, everything is already out there in the Tim Berner Lee’s world and guess what – it is freely available to all. So rather than sounding silly by waking up suddenly and starting a campaign against this critter, we should be celebrating this information equality that this ‘Chehre ki Kitaab’ has brought about. Kudos Earthians, you’ve got something to cheer about!

Transforming our telescope to the microscope, we already seem to be adjusted with all the lies lining up our homes. The Aadhar has turned out to be the new Sherlock Holmes for India and we’ve been acting like Dr. Watson in fulfilling its aims of scrutinizing our security. Since we allow ourselves to be laid with the layers of lies, it seems that even our neuro systems have developed resistance to this new toxic bug called humbug.

“What’s up in the news these days?” Such questions have become a cliché now. I hope the ongoing saga of Postcard News case would save me from elaborating this point. However, it’s not that all communiqué is feigned, but what’s true also deals with investigations into frauds and fixtures. So at the end it’s all about lies! The business community has become so brash, that nobody gives a fig when another scam floats up. Even those who get cheated mull their heads in awe that ‘so much by a hutch’!. The acquirer of Hutch Telecom, Vodafone Group is pulling off its 11-year sponsorship of the Australian cricket team at the end of next summer after the pants of Smith and Co. were pulled down in ‘Sandpapergate’ scandal. But do you think that this is enough to get back the glory which the world cricket lost due to the fibs of the three spoilt brats?

Despite these bad times, we shouldn’t lose our faith. Our young generation lives entirely on the social media and for us, this virtual world is only the real world. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat have all become the part of our existence and they’ve brought us far far away from the truth as it is ought to exist. But, don’t be afraid because these lies are what sells and makes exorbitant dwells for the powerful wells.

The web of lies is ever expanding and in future there would be more lies once the current ones are morphed. Do we have any plans to escape them? Where are we going to protect ourselves from these layers of lies? Probably through the Mars One Mission, UNLESS THAT’s NOT A LIE.


About the Author :

A keen learner and a devoted being who believes that perfection can be achieved by prioritizing passion; a writer by heart, the best part about Anmol Gupta is that he can write anything and everything at any hour of the day. A people’s person, he’s the perfect one to go for in any situation. Apart from writing, he can be seen doing pencil sketching or just hanging around with his big bunch of friends.

A keen learner and a devoted being who believes that perfection can be achieved by prioritizing passion; a writer by heart, the best part about Anmol Gupta is that he can write anything and everything at any hour of the day. A people’s person, he’s the perfect one to go for in any situation. Apart from writing, he can be seen doing pencil sketching or just hanging around with his big bunch of friends.

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IIM Rohtak witnesses the 7th Annual Convocation http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/03/26/iim-rohtak-witnesses-the-7th-annual-convocation/ http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/03/26/iim-rohtak-witnesses-the-7th-annual-convocation/#respond Mon, 26 Mar 2018 12:28:40 +0000 http://iimrohtakjournal.in/?p=1450 More]]> Indian Institute of Management Rohtak hosted its 7th Convocation on 25th March 2018. The event was graced by Hon’ble Vice President of India, Shri. M Venhaiah Naidu as the chief guest along with Prof. Kaptan Singh Solanki, Hon’ble Governor of Haryana, who was the guest of honor. Other dignitaries who graced the occasion were Hon’ble Education Minister of Haryana, Shri. Ram Bilas Sharma, Capt. Abhimanyu Singh, Hon’ble Finance Minister of Haryana, and Sh. Manish Grover, Hon’ble Minister of Haryana for Co-operation, printing and urban bodies.  In all, 154 students from PGP and FPM program were convocated.

The new campus of IIM Rohtak spread across 200 acres was also inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice President of India. Phase I of the campus is completed with the state-of-the-art academic block, administrative block, 13 student hostels with all modern amenities, seminar hall, shopping complex and residential accommodation for faculty and staff. Institute will induct its new batch at this alluring campus.

Prof. Dheeraj Sharma, Director IIM Rohtak welcomed the chief guest and guest of honor to their new campus . He shared that 69,000 Sq. Metre of the campus has been constructed in less than a year in below the estimated budget. It is an astonishing record amongst any other educational institutions. He mentioned that IIM Rohtak has been ranked best in management research among second and third generation IIM’s. Faculty have published more than 75 research papers in top international journals in last one year. There was a threefold increase in the faculty size in last one year with the best gender ratio. Institute also increased the batch size by 67%.

Prof. Sharma also informed that IIM Rohtak has launched several online executive programs in the domain of analytics and have trained nearly 1000 executives from private and public sector in last one year. Institute stands best in executive education amongst second and third generation IIM’s. Several new programs like ePGPx, Executive Program in Advanced Corporate Finance and eFPM are also launched. These programs will run using the licensed technology of CISCO and other partners. Institute has also initiated research collaborations with faculty from various global universities like University of Namur, Lancaster University, University of Alabama, and CEIBS, Shanghai to share knowledge and bridge the gap across geographical boundaries.

Prof Dheeraj Sharma gave his heartiest congratulations to the graduating students and said, “IIM Rohtak is now well-established and well-respected in academe and industry. First, it has made a significant mark in the industry via historically best placement record. Second, it is reckoned in the academe as the top research institute in the country. Finally, it is now being contributing actively in policy-making by active engagement in government and non-government projects. I believe the new campus will further bring the entire IIM-Rohtak community together to strengthen the institutional culture which will catapult us into the top five management institutes in the country.”


Medals were awarded to rank holders. Mr. Shubham Ganatra, Mr. Vedant Bhutra and Shubham Agarwal were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. Mr. Shubham Agarwal was awarded with a gold medal for being the all-rounder for the year.


The event was concluded with an address by the Chief Guest. He congratulated the institute and convocating students. He said, ” Today the managers of our nation need to lead not only the transforming technology but also the environmental change required.”

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IIM Rohtak completes the final placement of 2016-18 batch with 139 offers http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/02/20/iim-rohtak-completes-the-final-placement-of-2016-18-batch-with-139-offers/ http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/02/20/iim-rohtak-completes-the-final-placement-of-2016-18-batch-with-139-offers/#respond Tue, 20 Feb 2018 05:09:39 +0000 http://iimrohtakjournal.in/?p=1445 More]]> IIM Rohtak has successfully completed the final placement process for the Batch of 2018 with 139 offers made to the students from the diverse firms. With the release of their final placement report, IIM Rohtak has now become the first IIM under the CAP belt to achieve this feat this year.

There was a marked increase in the number of companies visiting the campus this year with 40+ new companies making offers to the students. Moreover, this year witnessed a steep increase in the number of PPIs and PPOs offered to the students. There was also presence of International recruiters like Tolaram Group on the campus offering some of the most sought after profiles of the country.

Marketing stood as the top recruiter this season with 29% of all the offers being made in this domain. Some of the prominent recruiters included Yes Bank, Dabur, Amazon, BPCL, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Steel, JK Group, IndiaMart, Cushman and Wakefield. Some of the big names that visited the campus for the first time were Amul, Aditya Birla Group, Cargill Foods, Mafatlal, Dell, and ACG WorldWide. There was a 5x increase in the number of FMCG companies visiting the campus.

Finance firms were the next in line with 26% of the batch getting offers in this domain. Prominent banks such as ICICI, RBL, Yes Bank, HDFC, SBI, Standard Chartered, IDFC, Federal Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank recruited for multiple roles. Non-banking financial entities such as Arcesium, Indus Valley Partners, Futures First, Thomson Reuters, DE Shaw, TresVista, Future Generali recruited for niche profiles. In investment banking, Motilal Oswal was the highlight; opening up its coveted MT Spark Program.

Other major sectors included General Management (21%), IT and Analytics (12%), Strategy and Consulting (7%) and Operations (5%). This season also saw the return of the Big 4 with KPMG and EY offering attractive profiles.

Some of the other prominent firms visiting the campus were Google, Amazon, GMR, L&T and Cognizant.

http://iimrohtakjournal.in/index.php/2018/02/20/iim-rohtak-completes-the-final-placement-of-2016-18-batch-with-139-offers/feed/ 0 1445